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Zerto End User License Agreement

This document regulates the use of Microsoft software that may contain software, media, printed documents and electronic documentation (individually and collectively “products”) from RapidScale, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “customer”). The customer does not own the products and their use is subject to certain rights and restrictions that the customer must inform you of. Your right to use the products is subject to the terms of your agreement with the Customer, as well as your understanding, respect and consent to the following terms and conditions, which the Customer must not modify, modify or modify. The services must be used and maintained in strict compliance with Zerto`s safety instructions and precautions and in all additions or other written technical documents from Zerto. Unless expressly authorized, you agree (i) not to sell, conceded (or sub-conceded), to yield, to yield, to transfer, to mortgage or to share rights under these conditions with or to third parties; (ii) modify, unassemble, decompile, decompile, recompil, revise or improve services in whole or in part, or create derivative works, merge or otherwise use services with or in other computer programs or other hardware, or try to discover all or part of the source code of services; (iii) any use of services in a jurisdiction in which such use is prohibited or in a manner intended for violation or unlawful use; or (iv) copy, print, view, publish or transfer all or part of the services. www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.0.html 1.6 Subject to the correct payment to Zerto and your compliance with the terms of this Agreement, you may also acquire, directly or through the authorized dealer of your Zerto concerned, certain professional services zerto, including professional services zerto; Training, installation, status checks, scripting, integration and migration and/or other customised software-related services, as they may be offered from time to time by Zerto (the “Professional Services”).

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