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Web.com Service Agreement

This contract, along with all Web.com terms and conditions, rules, policies and service agreements, as well as any changes to it, constitute the whole agreement between you and Web.com regarding the use of the Services and all other matters related to this Agreement. This Agreement replaces and regulates all proposals, agreements or other prior communications between you and Web.com (including, but not limited to previous versions of this Agreement). They may not renounce, amend or complete the agreement in whole or in part, except for the written authorization or amendment made by Web.com. Web.com reserves the right to unilaterally amend, amend and/or revise the agreement and all incorporated directives, agreements or notices from time to time. These changes, amendments or amendments will take effect immediately after publication on this Website and will be made available to you with respect to the provisions described in Section 26 below (Communication) and implies that you accept these amendments or amendments to the Agreement and that you are informed and bound by your continued use of the Services. The customer may be responsible for correcting or providing the necessary services to correct programming errors that occur in the background technology or software due to your modification or modification of the background technology or licensed software. If corrections for background technology or software are required due to changes made by you, you are required to pay an additional fee Web.com due to the additional technical assistance required to correct errors resulting from such changes. Some additional features that Web.com may provide may require access and/or installation of additional software (including third-party software) subject to additional or independent terms and conditions (“Additional Software”). Similarly, Web.com may provide “additional services” (including third-party services) that are subject to complementary or independent service agreements or other related terms and conditions. You agree not to use this additional software or services unless you have accepted the service agreements and/or other applicable terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, the payment of additional fees, as required.

You allow Web.com to contact you via your account details that Web.com considers to be of interest. Communications and announcements may include commercial emails, phone calls and other communications describing changes, upgrades, new products and services, or other information related to internet security or improving your Internet identity and/or other relevant issues. In the event of a conflict between this Agreement and the Terms and Conditions governing your use of the Services provided by external Web.com providers or a registry administrator, the terms and conditions of this Agreement apply because they relate to rights, commitments and remedies between you and Web.com. The parties agree that the above obligation is independent of any other obligation stipulated in it. You acknowledge that if you initiate legal proceedings in a court other than one of the above courts in Duval County, Florida, Web.com may and will be subject to costs and expenses, including legal fees, to enforce the parties` agreement regarding the court when disputes are pending regarding or from that agreement, or you cannot transcribe or transfer that agreement without the prior written consent of Web.com.

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