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Un Agreement On Palestine

This global consensus has become one of the main objectives of initiatives to achieve a lasting peace agreement. During the committee`s deliberations, the British government supported the recommendations of the report on the end of the mandate, independence and Jewish immigration. [Citation required] However, the British felt “unable to implement an agreement” unless it was acceptable to both Arabs and Jews, and asked the General Assembly to provide another enforcement authority if this was the case. The Higher Arab Commission rejected the recommendations of the majority and minorities in the UNSCOP report. They “concluded from an investigation into Palestinian history that Zionist claims to that country had no legal or moral basis.” The Arab High Committee argued that only an Arab state in all of Palestine would be compatible with the Un Charter. While the State of Israel was founded on 15 May 1948 and admitted to the United Nations, no Palestinian state was created. The adoption of the resolution required a two-thirds majority of the valid votes of the 56 UN Member States at the time, not to mention abstention and absentee members. On 26 November, the vote was postponed for three days following a filibustering by the Zionist delegation. [64] [65] According to several sources, if the vote had taken place on the original date, it would have obtained a majority, but less than two-thirds needed. [65] [66] [67] Various compromise proposals and variants of an individual state, including associations and cantonal regimes, were discussed (including those rejected in committee). [68] [69] The delay was used by the proponents of Zionism in New York to put additional pressure on states that do not support the resolution. [64] Supporters of the plan are said to have pressured nations to vote yes to the divisive plan. A telegram, signed by 26 U.S.

senators influencing foreign aid laws, was sent to faltering countries to ask for their support for the sharing plan. [74] The U.S. Senate then considered a vast aid package that brought in $60 million to China. [75] [76] Many nations have reported a pressure specifically directed at them: the plan should have been the following demographics (data based on 1945). In 2011, Mahmoud Abbas said that the Arab rejection of the United Nations partition plan for Palestine in 1947 was a mistake he hoped to correct. [154] While Azzam Pasha repeated his threats to violently prevent division, the influential Egyptian daily Al Mokattam [d] was the first major Arab voice to support the partition: “We defend a partition because we believe it is the best definitive solution to the problem of Palestine… Refusal of the score… will lead to further complications and give the Zionists another space to complete their defence and attack plans… a delay of an additional year that would not benefit the Arabs, but the Jews, especially after the British evacuation. [117] The Arab League stated that some Jews should be expelled from a Palestinian Arab state. [119] The predominantly Arab city of Jaffa, which was once in the Jewish state, was formed as an enclave of the Arab state.

The border of the Arab state was extended to Beerséba and a strip of the Negev desert along the Egyptian border,[49] while part of the Dead Sea coast and other additions of the Jewish state were made.

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