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Missouri Legal Separation Agreement

Issues relating to marital property, debts, alimony, child custody and custody must be resolved by separating couples. This makes a separation agreement absolutely necessary, regardless of whether a couple wants a separation without dissolution or divorce. The terms of a separation agreement have a significant impact on divorce once they are introduced. That`s why they need to be taken seriously. Talk to an experienced divorce lawyer who knows Missouri`s separation laws. In accordance with Section 452.310 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, the petition must contain the date and place of the marriage as well as the date of physical separation. It must also identify the names and ages of all children and all agreements reached by the couple regarding the custody and financial support of the children. A petition does not call for the dissolution of the marriage. A separation is a judicial right for a couple to live separately. It carries the rights and duties of divorcees without ceasing marriage. As noted above, a separate support decision may be terminated if both parties agree to marry them.

Conversely, a divorce application can be filed within 90 days of the legal separation in Missouri. A Missouri judge can turn a separation order into a final order of divorce after 90 days of separation from the couple. Any party can ask the court to turn the separation into a divorce decision if it is unable to resolve its marital problems. If they decide after 90 days that they are still not ready to meet, they can extend the separation period if they are satisfied with the current conditions. Any spouse may also apply to quash the separation order. Elements of a separation order include judicial findings and are often the basis for prospective divorce orders. It is unusual for budgetary circumstances to change radically enough to warrant a change in a judge`s orders. Often, the terms of your separation agreement reflect the terms of a divorce decision. The revised Missouri statutes established a separation procedure after body breakdown as an alternative to divorce. In Missouri, the separation of legal separation is called separate maintenance.

In separate support, the court does not terminate the marriage, but makes orders that are the same ones that would be issued in a divorce. To end the separation, one or both parties must file a petition with their district court. Once the motion is filed, the court will re-rehabilitate a separation order if it finds a reasonable probability that the marriage can be saved and that the marriage is not irretrievably broken. On that date, judgments on custody and visitation, as well as considerations relating to maintenance, child care and heritage services, will be rendered. Note 2 – If after 90 days after registration on the separation order, the spouse is seeking divorce, the application can be turned into a divorce.

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