The Southern Alberta Society for High Andes Relief ( Sharperu)

Picchu Alto Children’s Shelter

Sharperu focuses on education and projects that help children learn to be self reliant.

The organization Southern Alberta Society for High Andes Relief (Sharperu) is a Canadian registered charity (807954623 RR0001 ) that raises funds to support and educate children in Peru. All of our proceeds go to help the women and children in these areas.

Currently Sharperu is working on several projects:

Sharperu supports several orphanages and projects in  Cuzco, Peru.

Remar Cusco Orphanage is an orphanage with 50 children that come from extremely neglected or abusive homes. Without this orphanage, many of these young children would have to live their lives on the streets.  This orphanage is self -reliant in day to day activities but needs help to educate the children.  Sharperu helps support the youth obtain marketable trades that will allow them to be self-reliant.

Picchu Alto Children’s Shelter    In Peru, many children suffer from poverty, abuse and neglect. Picchu Alto is a small children’s shelter run by volunteers. The children can come to Picchu Alto and find safety, food and shelter. Volunteers cook for 25 children and with the help of donations made to the foundation.

House of Stars Orphanage is a special needs orphanage that helps 30 special needs children learn daily survival skills so they may enter the work force.  Volunteers are needed to help these children learn daily skill.

Come visit and play with the children.

Please be prepared to buy them some food,clothes or school supplies.