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Picchu Alto Children’s Shelter


We have a small street shelter on the hillside of Cusco, Peru with 40 young children. The children from this shelter come from extreme circumstances.This shelter is a private 100% volunteer Christian shelter run by Nattie , her 2 daughters and several women.  The children come to the shelter  to learn bible stories, sing, play games and fill their tummys with a big healthy meal every Saturday and Sunday.  On weekdays they can come before school for a big bowl of oats with milk and eggs.

Picchu Alto Dental Project


The children need some serious dental work. We have taken toothbrushes and toothpaste and the children are learning dental hygiene. We had a dentist come check the children’s teeth and the worst cases got to a real live dentist office.

 Cleaning Project

These children live along the train tracks in garbage. We are teaching these children to clean up where they live by collecting plastics to recycle. Since plastics in Peru have very little monetary value, the children gather the plastics and donate them to Remar Orphanage that compresses the plastic to sell. This teaches the children to give service to others and to clean up around the shelter. But this does come with a bribe of a Christmas party.

We are raising funds for this shelter to purchase or build:

  • simple bathroom
  • comfort room where the children can draw, color, read or just find shelter
  • books, paper and crayons
  • simple table and chairs
  • a couch and blankets
  • repair leaking water line
  • colorful paint for the walls




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