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Every child needs to grow up healthy and get an education so they can become a productive and contributing member of society.

We met a 16 year old young man who  whose mother had just died and his  father was an  extremely abusive alcoholic.   This young man was left with the responsibility to care for and raise his young sisters.  They had nothing.   This young man told us that if we could help him get an education he graduate with top marks and help his sisters get an education.  He also committed to not touch alcohol in order to break the cycle of abuse he had lived in.

This young man will graduate this fall with top marks as a tourist guide.  We are very proud of him.  His sponsor is very proud of him and moreso….. he is proud of himself.


A very young mother arrived at the orphanage with a young child and nowhere to go.   She had very little formal education but wanted to be able to support her son.   We sponsored her to go to baking school.  She has graduated with top marks and wants to set up a bakery in front of the orphanage.   This orphanage is now her home and she wants to help the other girls at the orphanage learn a skill and to get an education.   What a remarkable young woman she has become.

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