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Remar Orphanage is bursting at the seams with 50 children plus the 4 married couples that feed, care and love the children so they can feel like they belong to a family.  We are needing to bring 20 more trafficked girls to the orphanage but there is no room for them.

We need to build Remar a new building where these 20 new girls can live. This building will have several large dormitories and rooms for the married couples that will be acting as patient and understanding parents to these girls.  We also need to include a bakery that will allow the girls to learn a trade and marketable skills that will allow them to be productive and contributing members of their community.

Remar Cuzco is more than just an orphanage.  It is a family; a very very large family of children from extreme situations.  The matrimonials (married couples)  are volunteers and are there because they love the children.   The matrimonials work day in and day out at odd jobs to feed, cloth and care for these children.  When there is food, they all eat.  When food is scarce, they all go with little.

This new building will allow the orphanage to have a bakery, soap making business, sewing business and carpentry shop close by so the orphanage can continue to be self reliant.  And more important…. it will allow 20 more abandoned children to join this family.

Please help us help these children.   Please help us build the orphanage.