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Athletic Scholarship Agreement Form

VI. INTENT DECLARATION: By signing below, I agree to visit Smith University in 2008-09 and participate in the scholarship sport listed on page 1 of this Agreement as part of the College`s Intercollegiate team. I have read each of the above conditions and I understand each. I agree to respect the conditions and represent the college positively. I understand that if this letter is not signed and returned to the Senior Baseball Coach by June 5, 2008 Smith University may decide To Withdraw Their Offer: 2008 Name Signature SSN- Date As a representative of Smith University, the undersigned agree to describe the Athletic Scholarship to offer the aforementioned students for the 2008-09 academic year under agreed terms. My son plays baseball. It`s a terrible sport for funding, because most coaches have to distribute 9 to 11 packs of scholarships up to 35 players. It tells me that only the 25% of the team receive money. Please highlight the GPA and the good testing capabilities to make up for the shortfall if a sport without turnover is your choice. Any more suggestions? It is clear that the COVID 19 pandemic has had a significant impact on university sport.

Not only has the sports season ended and changed, but more than 300 sports programs in the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA have been reduced. While we need more data from university coaches and sports programs to fully analyze the impact of COVID-19 on current and future sports awards, it is likely that there will be at least a slight decrease in the availability of sports scholarships in the near future. So there are still things that student-athletes can do to stay ahead and improve their chances of getting a scholarship. Thus, you receive an offer of scholarships, you apply and you are accepted at the school. Your first year passes… If you are not on the starting list, what will happen next year? Your family should be willing to pay to keep you there. When would you have known if you are on the team, but… Opps no money for you year two? My daughter is dyslexic and therefore had an individual educational plan (IEP) that placed her in specialized pedagogy classes for English and math.

During his senior year, his case manager challenged him to give him a more rigorous course and let him pass for these classes.

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