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Amazon Web Service Agreement

(c) cooperation with other AWS customers. You can reproduce and distribute Lumberyard materials (but not sublicensing): (i) to other AWS customers, who are your contractual partners, exclusively for the purpose of allowing these AWS customers to carry out work on your behalf, (ii) to other AWS customers in connection with the work you perform as a contractor and (iii) to 5 other AWS customers that you authorize to distribute a Lumberyard project in connection with your sale. or license of this Lumberyard project (z.B. Publisher of a game you are developing). The rights of these other AWS customers on Lumberyard materials are subject to their agreements with us. 5.4.2. We may cancel savings plans, EC2 Reserved Instance or EC2 Dedicated Host Reservation price programs at any time. Savings plans and EC2 service hosts are non-transferable, and the EC2-Reserved Instances are only transferable to the AWS website in accordance with THE requirements of the RI Marketplace. Convertible jurisdictions and reserve bodies are not suitable for the RI`s marketplace. Savings plans, EC2-Reserved-Instances and EC2-Dedicated host bookings can no longer be possible, and EC2 Dedicated Hosts assigned to an active host dedicated ec2 reserve cannot be removed from your account, so you will be charged the duration of the duration you have selected even if you terminate the contract. All amounts paid in connection with savings plans, EC2 Reserved Instances and EC2 Dedicated Host Reservations are non-refundable, except that we will reimburse you a proportionate portion of the advance fees paid under predetermined savings plans, if we terminate the contract for other reasons or if we terminate the savings plans, EC2 Reserved Instance or EC2 Dedicated Host Pricing. , EC2 Reserved Instances or EC2 Dedicated Hosts. You cannot purchase EC2 Reserved Instances for resale in the RI Marketplace and we reserve the right to refuse or cancel your purchase if we suspect you are doing so.

After the expiry or completion of the savings plans, EC2 Reserved Instances or EC2 Dedicated Host Reservations, reserved prices expire and standard on-demand prices apply. You are responsible for determining whether you are subject to restrictions arising from purchase or savings plans, ec2-Reserved Instances or EC2 Dedicated Host-Reservations. They are, for example, responsible for complying with all applicable laws, directives, conditions or conditions that regulate their payment of pre-fee or the expiration of reserved resources, including tax or appropriation laws, or other directives or restrictions on advances for goods or services. 45.2. AWS or one of its affiliates may enter into a SOW with you to provide AWS professional services. For the purposes of each SOW, the term “AWS” in the SOW and the agreement refers to the AWS unit that executes the SOW and no other AWS unit has obligations under that SOW. Each SOW (along with the agreement) is defined by the parties as the final, complete and exclusive terms of their agreement and replaces all previous agreements and agreements (whether oral or written) between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. AWS Security Assurance Services is a consulting and advisory service provided by AWS as part of a Work Statement (SOW) to help you run regulated data workloads using other services.

AWS Security Assurance Services is provided by AWS Security Assurance Services LLC (“SAS”) or some related companies.

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