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Adobe Sign Agreement Template

Adobe eSign`s API model service is made available through the managed package as a Global Apex service. This allows the Apex code to access a set of Adobe eSign APIs outside of the package managed via this wrapper. Wrappers greatly simplify the call to the API because consumers don`t need to create a response data model. Consumers also don`t have to convert Salesforce data into eSign data models. Most of the complexity is abstracted by the consumer. To send z.B an agreement that the consumer only re-enters into the IDENTIFIANT of the agreement, the service processes the request, the extraction of all relevant data, the transfer of the api and the analysis of the result. Send a reminder to the current signatory for the specified agreement ID. You can also use fusion assignments to automatically add lists of products that are linked to a sales opportunity. You can specify product attributes (for example.

B quantity and price) included in your agreements, as well as how the associated products will be sorted and filtered. Activate the signature hosted – Enable activation to facilitate the hosted signature, close to the person, if the signatory is available. If the model is set to automatically send, at least one document must be assigned to the model. For automatic transmission to work, at least one recipient and one installation must be defined in the agreement model. 5. Use the Fields Mapping section to set data allocation to Salesforce fields. You can add assignment rules to update fields for each Salesforce item. You can create an assignment for each field (including custom fields). There are two ways to create attribution lines and indicate which matching fields the data come from. You can import fields from an existing document importing fields from and from the existing agreement. You can also set each attribution line individually using a mapping.

Available for publishing actions – If you`ve activated Chatter Publisher shares in your organization, you can activate this box to activate this contract template. With chatter Publisher action, users can send Chatr agreements. Turn on this checkbox to activate this Chatr action tuning model for one of the following master items: Contact, Account or Sales Opportunity. If the master object is z.B possibility of sale, users can send this chord model from a opportunity stream by activating this checkbox. If you leave the master object empty, you can activate the chord template on the Chatter-Feed homepage. Learn more about activating the Adobe Sign Chatter Publisher action. If the assignment fails for any reason, the error message in the “Echosign_dev1__Merge_Mapping_Error__c” “Merge of Assignment Errors” field is recorded in the Adobe Sign Agreement object and an email is sent to the owner of the merge assignment indicating the error. Support Documents – Select this option to move all support documents sent by signatories to the entire Salesforce object.

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